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Well no, not really. But it's post-Halloween so it might as well be by society's rules. Look at me in all my conformity.

Here's how it works!
  • I will be sending out both OOC and IC cards.
  • So you're free to pick one or the other. Or both! Repeatedly!
  • Actually I'll only send out one from myself, but you can request multiple characters.
  • So if you'd like a card from me, go ahead and say so!
  • If you'd like a card from a character, say who you want one from and who it's going to.
  • If you've forgotten who I play, take a peek here & here.
  • Don't forget to post your mailing address! (Preferably in the way it's supposed to be written on the envelope. International mail is not my friend.)
  • All comments are screened, if you're worried about that.

I would like a card from the huge geek Aki. I'd also like a card from Rei to Sayako and Drei to Midy!
My address is:
111 This Is Not A Street St.
City of Dreams, Country of Hope
4V5 T9D

Give me a poke by December if you want your card on time! Or after, if you don't care. S'cool. I'm flexible.

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Type time: 30 minutes. Sooooooo un-betaed...

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Notes: I saw Rise of the Guardians and then went to tumblr. whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?

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Notes: Just a quickie about Naesala. I have so much headcanon for this bum...

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Jan. 11th, 2013 02:18 pm
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Notes: Where the hell did this come from? oAo

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Reply here if you want a Christmas card from me!

Comment with your address and- if you want an IC one- from which character of mine to which character of yours. All replies screened! o3o
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Notes: Quick bit of gobbledygook. Such a sad moment. :(


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Oct. 1st, 2012 12:25 am
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Notes: Based off of events in the game [community profile] rakuen and my cross-fandom OC, Britannia. Notably this story is going to seem extremely rushed and lackluster in some areas. This is mostly because I am covering the events of all of Code Geass and then some into one... short... fic...


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Notes: Even the low-ranked freelancers need love.

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Notes: Written in response to the "North takes walks at night to calm Theta down" revelation.

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[weeps brokenly]
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